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October 19, 2018

Why more people are choosing wall panels over tiles…

The possibilities are endless when it comes to refurbishing your bathroom and kitchen. You want something that looks stylish but that doesn’t break the bank. We might just have the product for you…

Wall panels have increased in popularity over the past few years, and are a trend that looks set to continue as it becomes a design choice rather than a compromise. Now Multipanel, has teamed up interior designer Linda Barker to create a range of elegant solutions, that will make any bathroom look beautiful.

We’ve compiled some reasons as to why you should consider them for your next project.

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Installation advantage-

Not only is it a quicker process which saves costs on a project. They can be fitted directly onto stud walls and finished with sealant between the joints. Simple!

Ease of maintenance

Wall panels are long lasting. They’re waterproof in nature which means that they are resistant to mould and yellow build up and can reduce grout lines.  Which only means one thing- less time cleaning.

Cheaper alternative-

Wall panels are much cheaper than large format tiles. They tend to be thinner and larger than conventional tiling, so they can be used to cover large expanses.

MKM are proud to have partnered up with Multipanel, the UK’s best-selling waterproof wall panels as the smart alternative to bathroom tiles. Speak to your local branch to see the wide range of panels in different colours and textures – that are easy to install and maintain.

Design range-

Forget the high gloss wall panels of old, wall panels now come in a huge selection of exquisite colours and textures opening up a host of design possibilities to reinvent your home in a style that is uniquely yours.

When working on your next project, why not consider introducing tiling alternatives like panels into the mix. We’re always interested in your projects so tag us in your work on Facebook.